Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I've been dreaming about this ...

Her father was self absorbed , his mantra was not only "it's all about me"... "it's me and only me".
She duplicated this way of being perfectly and it served her very well on many levels.

Karma, destiny, soul all the forces of the cosmos would have it, she met him
at work.  He worked for the aircraft manufacturer, he was a crackerjack mechanic and 
his confidence was keen.  He loved the ladies, the horses, the bookies, the numbers, anything with great risk and the scent of danger. 
She was a knock-out by standards of the era.  Honey blond, azure blue eyes, peachy keen skin (flawless) a cross between Carol Lombard and Kathryn Hepburn...and a dash of Lauren Bacall.  A real classy look with  Shalimar fragrance and ensemble to match.  She was a clothes horse, and was always presentable and then some.
He created a debonair his Sunday best outside of the job.  Gabardine trousers, crisp and perfectly pressed (Chinese laundry) shirts, and oh yes, silks...tie, stocking socks , scarfs.  Nothing but the best...and all show.  4711 Cologne was his favorite.
A "Bonnie & Clyde" duo about to take on walk on the wildest side in the wildest times...
post World War II when all the societal structures were gearing up for the greatest fall.

to be continued

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