Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just like diamonds...we are all the same yet different

When we look at a diamond, raw, polished, cut, or set... each stone has a "personality", size, shape, brilliance that is entirely unto itself. We, in our humanity, are one and the same. The process is somewhat converse... we make our entry as a beautiful new born baby, as we grow into our fullness as adult being, we exhibit our internal as well as our external. As our life condition and experience continues to evolve, we come to realize first hand our character "flaws" not visible to the human eye. Rather than to magnify, we attempt through a various assortment of ways of being, devices, procedures - ways to camouflage who we really are. Mind you, not unlike the precious diamond, that the jeweler creates a similiar process through the skill of cutting, shaving, and polishing. Each stone emanating it's own beauty, "perfection", and illusion of "perfection". In the human eperience we are perfect, whole, and complete just as we are. We originate direct from "source". Along with our own "deliberate" flaws we venture out to accomplish our life purpose... usually on our own terms and conditions, and usually "resistant" to any of the forewarned clues along the way... Listen carefully as you watch this's amazing what is expressed ! My "stand" is for your greatness ! June

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