Sunday, July 28, 2013

Diamonds are chunks of coal...that stuck to their goal

How often do we start and stop ...then never finish what we started out to accomplish. Sometimes we get distracted (shiny balls syndrome)... Sometimes we lose interest... Sometimes it is a momentary desire, with no substance. And most often we take on something as a whim. How perfect an analogy...lumps of coal that have amazing potential. When we are in pursuit of our purpose and so many opportunities start showing up... we challenge ourselves to choose and take action. That's when all "board of directors" in our head start sending our thoughts spiraling out of control... about what to choose. That alone takes us out of the game. Our society has so many distractions in the moment the TV, the cell phone, music, list of "to do", shopping, paying bills, preparing food, work, our jobs ( if we have one ), the search for a job ( if we don't have one).. that alone causes us to lose our way. Next time an opportunity "speaks to you"... "What if this could work ?" "What if I focus and take this on, will it work for me?" "Is this really REAL?" Get clarity on what you want... and take action ! "Imagine if this works for me..." Think about those lumps of coal ...that stuck to their goal.

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"Thoughts are things, and their fairy like wings, go forth to bring back, that which you sent forth from your mind..." Germaine Benton