Monday, March 22, 2010 it really a virtue ?

Consider that today is the world of "communication". Virtually everyone is in a hurry to communicate something through the unlimited sources available in which to "communicate". The question is - are we listening? Surely we hear, we see, we shake our head yes or no
( Bulgaria, shaking your head NO is really YES, and shaking your head YES is really NO)
So what does this all have to do with patience. Well here's my point, when we pay close attention to what is being said,written, spoken and get clear on what is being conveyed,perhaps we would not be so "stressed out".
Magically a calming wave of patience would be in abundance in all we say and do.
If you are not getting any of this...consider it is one of the 3000 realms in "every moment" that calls me to post...and no problem. :)



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