Tuesday, July 28, 2009


challenge. Those who lead lives of boundless challenge realize boundless growth. In a time of tumultuous change, what people need most are the vitality to challenge their circumstances, the wisdom to open the treasure house of knowledge, and to strive ceaselessly to create value."-For Today & Tomorrow/Daisaku Ikeda

The reading of the day.

What leaves me spellbound in the moment, is how incredibly appropriate this is for my world today and perhaps countless others.

All we are: ourselves and our circumstances in the very moment of the moment. Think about it...

We have this great "attachment" to our circumstances. We pride ourselves on taking ownership and possession.

How about "tumultuous" change?

Tumultuous always reminds me of a day at the beach when that first wave gets you ! Getting knocked over by the wave and tumbling tumultuously in the undertow, finally you pop up from under the water. You scrutinize your scratches, head full of sand along with the burning, sting of salt water that just forced it's way into and up your nostrils, and of course all the sand deposits left in not so comfortable areas!
All you were doing was standing in the shallow wave being so cool...(how dare that wave !)

The experience creates vitality, you've got the "salt purification" not by choice, and you do make it through and jump right back in the ocean to "de-sand" yourself. And think about being respectful of nature via the ocean. (Thinking I'm an adult and I should know better : )

The wisdom is "within"...yes, we do have the answers when we call upon our "higher self". Imagine,( another wonderful word "IMAGINE"), if you will the treasure house of knowledge. Treasures that we possess,deserve,and have the universal right to access.
Imagine walking into that "treasure house" of wisdom, yours alone.

Enjoy "boundless challenge realize boundless growth".

Show up for YOU today, no matter the circumstance or's you're life and...

You're WORTH IT.


Be Happy.


June Ann

PS Take on a day at the beach and give that wave "a tumble" !

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