Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Affairs of the Heart..." Pulsating UNIVERSE

Wow-hit the publish button twice prematurely the past two posts... so anxious to get the word out. How humorous is that? My older daughter came to "break bread" recently and was sharing the latest scientific/metaphysics regarding the impact of the human heart. Yes, you read correctly the human heart. For the next forty-eight hours everything I read or picked up was about the heart, including the Daily OM on June 16. Talk about the universe lining up.

This morning on TV, Danielle Steel released her new book: "Matters of the Heart". Really got present the "the heart of the heart" in day to day living. A incesssant bombardment of heart healthy ads in all types of media. Affairs of the heart on the long string of daily soap operas. It's absolutely amazing the times in which we are currently privilege to experience, a privilege to our own lives. Of course being a proponent of "nothing new under the sun", am still left in utter amazement. Examining my own "affairs of the heart" and state of being.

Last evening we viewed the "Deep Blue", a fantastic movie about "the Ocean" of the world. The Ocean is truly to be respected. The cinematography and subject matter stunning. I was awe struck that we have investigated about 3% of the Ocean. Remembering my last opportunity to explore a huge coral reef and how mesmerizing the underwater world lulls one into oblivion. Talk about a pulsating UNIVERSE, the "Heart" of all that lives the huge,expansive, "Ocean of the world". And we think we have arrived with nuclear power...check out the Marianas Trench when you have nothing else to do !

In the inquiry: take a look at your own personal "affairs of your heart" and what's there or missing in your next 24 hours. Just a place to look.

Have FUN !



Bill said...

Dear June:
I hadn't visited your page for quite a while; sorry to be so late in offering condolences for your auto accident but glad you're OK. By coincidence (or not)I had been pondering affairs of the heart recently, so I felt obliged to drop you a note to let you know about this two cents worth of synchronicity. Stay well.
p.s. Check out Dr. Lewis Thomas' collection of essays titled "Lives of a Cell" for an interesting take on the ocean as a global heartbeat.

June Kellogg said...

Hello Bill, really great to hear from you ! Happened to come across my notes on affairs of the heart just this morning, perfect timing. This "synchronicity" thing is powerful and I've given up trying to figure it all out. Today I am present, free, and effortlessly driven forward. Will look into Dr.T
Have FUN! Namaste' NMRK June

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