Saturday, March 7, 2009

Being "present" to one's own life...

Last night experienced being "rear ended" as I was stopped at exit off the main highway. Being only a few miles from my destination needless to say it was a royal inconvenience. Called the state trooper via 911, got out of the car and assessed the damage. My passenger, a cycle buddy of mine, was with me and we were headed to an education in which we both participate. We were not injured.

The gal that hit us jumped out of the car hysterical, sobbing, and chattering she wasn't thinking, was in a hurry...on and on.

My first reaction was my heart went out to her, immediately remembering how in the past I was victim of my own device of hurry, hurry, not in the moment, totally NOT present and not thinking.

What was there for me was how we all are in such a rush !!! Where the "hay" are we going??? Moving with velocity to the grim's that going ??? What is so important that we cannot even connect with our own breathing. When was the last time that , outside of practicing yoga or another exercise requiring acknowledgement of breath , that one actually was present to one's own breath.

Highly recommend : "The Butterfly and the Diving Bell" movie...allowing self to examine what it is just to have a simple view of life through ONE eye and be present to ONE breath by breath. The breath of sustaining life.

All we got is ONE breath, ONE moment...

AND that's HUGE.

3000 realms in every moment...

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