Saturday, August 9, 2008

BEING Present to Self...

Overcoming obstacles can create detours within itself...fortunately after all the mayhem this week, the locomotive stayed on track. In retrospect it was being "present" that called forth the ability to continue to function and not miss a beat. Of course the "wanting to" be the reaction drama, pain, suffering...was in the background AND i got CHOICE ! Go see the "DARK KNIGHT"... Heath Ledger is brilliant. Yes i did say " that? Talk about CHOICE...that's all we all have in any given situation, circumstance, moment...CHOOSING powerfully. Tolle speaks to the duality that is ALWAYS present in Self and when you examine the sage wisdom of the's all there. Emerson, Thoreau, Gandhi, Tolson (The Debaters- also worth the watch, Thank you Denzel...) the list is of course unlimited. What's required for participation...BEING Present...moment to moment. Take on the awareness of your breathing for the next sixty seconds for starters and let me know what you get...Gettin' out of town soak up "negative ions" along the ocean. Peace, Power, FULL Self Expression...

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