Sunday, July 27, 2008

When you take on being in Action...the road bumps & barriers show up...

Ok, so you take on being in action...wonderful. The bumps in the road start to show up out of nowhere, or so it least that's the interpretation. Not being "attached" to anything is key. Open to everything and attached to nothing is a possibility. When someone says no, is not agreeable, changes the rules after the game has been established,.. whatever the shift, the result is "what's wrong with this picture?" How to break through the barriers effectively...that is the question. Take the path of least resistance is the ever resounding approach...and often not the path that leads to being victorious surprisingly. Going around the barrier is an approach, jumping over, taking flight...all totally dis empowering. How about "accepting", "being with", "embracing" the barrier ? Tis often said..."Love everyone, keep them close, love thy enemies...keep them even closer." When the emotions are running high, the the vibrations are is time to get PRESENT... meditate, pray, chant, get centered, create being peaceful and get with the NOW. That's is all we ever have...the NOW. Get off the spot, take in a new visual environment, "change the channel", Breathe... Just last weekend traveling to LA and registering at the front desk at the WESTIN Hotel...the beautifully created, strategically positioned sign said ..."Breathe". Chose to comment to the front desk assistant how perfect that signage was in that very moment ! is that which gives life , the essence of life...and how we take it for granted. Not shallow... take it in with all that you've great big inhale...exhale...Simply..."Breathe" Get clear, take action ! And

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