Monday, July 21, 2008

"Dry bones...and more dry bones..."

And we're not talking about the Jolly Roger...

"On the plains of hesitation, lay the bleached white bones of countless millions, who on the dawn of victory, sat down to rest and while resting...died". ~ Unknown

A harsh reality...hardly. Think of HOW many times you gave up, gave in, missed the mark by a hair... the Olympiad that loses thousandth of a second, the team that loses to a basket buzzer, the thoroughbred that loses by the tilt of the head with an extra shock of mane. Boundless examples come to mind in this cosmos in which we exist. The mediocrity of giving up before we even try... So exactly what is the point?

Let's take a look at "the source"...that from which all emanates. The triumph of the spirit of the source that exists being in the suit we call our body. The winning attitude, the "I AM winner"...that I AM...that I AM.

All we have is right now...nothing more, nothing less. An I AM that can press forward till the 'morrow. The LOOK in the mirror ..."I did my best today , by golly !"

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