Tuesday, June 10, 2008

in an instant...

BoJust finished "In An Instant" by Bob & Lee Woodruff....amazing how life shows up. A very special new friend of mine asked me to attend her daughter's college graduation on Mother's Day 2008...being up to adventure and clearing the opportunity with my family, my response was affirmative. Little did I know that the commencement speaker would be Bob Woodruff and just how life changing the weekend would be ! Bob's reporting team for CBS was hit roadside with IED (improvised explosion device) in Iraq. Thereafter experiencing TBI (tramatic brain injury)and much more. He is amazing 2+ years later AND his story is "universal" in the tide of war ! A MUST read and while you are at it...check out Bob's speech online..just Google it !

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June Kellogg said...

go figure...another typo ! Yikes, it's all good. JK

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